UPDATED   01/14

| 3.2% | [PREQUEL]

| A Glass of Sea |

| Attack |

| Carnival Ride | 

| Cook of the Sea | + Haga Inochi

| Count Time |

| Fuusha no Omoide |

| Grand Martini |

{ Sweet Martini

| Hoshi ni Negai wo |

| Jelicle Cats |

| Jukebox Dawn |

| Kaisui Pearl |

| Kierkegaard no Jitsuzon |

| Kokutou |

| Mahou no Te |

| Midnight Sun | 

| Movie 6 Gag | + Haga Inochi

| Natsubi |

| Natsume |

| Pirate Ship Noah |

| Pool Bar |

| Progpose |

| Rabukouru Chuudoku | 

| Samurai Cowboy |

| Shali |

| Sheltering from the Rain |

| Shirokujichuu | + Haga Inochi

| The Moon & Six Pence |

| Tiger 90113 |

{ Tiger Keeper

| Umi Shonen |

| Under Bar |

| Wish Upon a Star | (NEW)

| Yves Piaget |

If there are any missing from this list, please contact me so it can be shared with everyone.

- This will be updated every time a scanlator community posts downloads.

- If you have any problems or questions just ask me or message me. ;)

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Anonymous wondered:
are you out of the one piece fandom or did you just take a break???

I’ve been staring at this question for an hour while updating and not knowing how to answer it really. I intentionally left for break reasons, out of school, wanted to work on my own things but during that time I fell out of the One Piece fandom in the process, not intentionally but the manga has been hard to read as of late (for a lot of reasons) and I in reality need to read from the beginning of the timeskip since I am so lost at some points.

I have been trying to return once a week to do tweaks on pages and possibly make a different post set up. I don’t like how I was doing it previously. I was thinking of asking for help but this is a big blog and I doubt anyone has time or interest to do it. I have even thought of moving the blog to a real url and name because when I originally set up this blog (OVER TWO YEARS AGO) we didn’t have the operation of having more than one blog per account so this is a separate account from my main blogs. So it almost is effort to come over here and update because I don’t get alerts and can’t effortlessly post something in a rush like I use to. 

These are just some thoughts, but moving the blog might be a possibility since it’d be easier on me and it might actually look more professional. This looks like a dump of a blog.

I do appreciate all the messages guys, I have responded to un-anon help requests and if I haven’t I may not have gotten it! I always have that trouble! 

It’ll be posted in the next month the new url and whatever else I can muster for an update. THANK YOU for staying with me through the no actual updates I love all of you guys and I’ll try to repay it back in the future, until then. 


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yeah i am literally lazy but have some new yamato doujins???

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「circumstances of a man」

Title; Brave Story
Pairing; Zoro/Sanji
Rating; R-18
Circle; Love Potion No. 9


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「ao no fermata」

Title: Fermata in Blue
Pairing: Luffy/Nami
Circle: Minakami Kuon
Rating: PG


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just updates and announcement

Luffy/Nami and Zoro/Sanji are set up in the queue; there’d be more but tumblr was glitching on images. Change in theme, the links there will be majorly updated LATER. If you extensively need me ask on my main but for requests, questions, or submissions fill the box I’ll try check once in a while. 

Going back to school Monday so it won’t be until May for big updates and I am sorry on my part (school, two jobs, errands  portfolio)but I’ll try to gather up all the components for the ROM-13 post in the mean time.


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Anonymous wondered:
I've been checking your tumblr religiously after you mentioned a Frobin doujin for a queue possibility. Anywho, thanks for posting for such a wide variety of pairings!!!

Sorry darling. I have a few mini comics in here. Somewhere. Damn it. I am literally a mess right now with uploads. You guys don’t even want to see what file organization I have. I’ll try and set up the queue quicker because I still have to update the theme and tags still. *groan*

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Anonymous wondered:
it keeps telling me to update my browerbut google chrome is up to date what do i do?

(If you could un-anon that’d probably be best.)

Is this when you’re downloading the files? Or something else. Getting confused.

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dark-impluse wondered:
hey do you have a story that have law and luffy?

I haven’t reblogged all of her posts but check out THIS awesome blog and you’ll find lots of L/L stuff here, translated and everything. ;’)

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